Computer Software Programmer: Online Courses and Training Info

Overview of Computer Software Programmer Courses and Training Available Online

Online computer programmer courses cover a wide range of topics having to do with writing, testing, improving, tailoring and repairing computer software. Courses could focus on a specific programming language, testing and debugging software, application programming or system programming. Different types of computer programming with online educational opportunities include game programming, desktop publishing, software engineering, Web development and systems analysis.

These courses could be part of an Associate of Applied Science, bachelor's or master's level degree program in computer science or software engineering or a specific programming certificate. Computer scientists and software developers, analysts and engineers all utilize software programming.
Course Requirements

Since computer programming is such a technically specialized field, individual online courses can have very specific computer requirements. All of these courses require regular access to an updated computer with a high-speed Internet connection and a current Web browser. Most require a basic text editor. Running an anti-virus program and having a personal e-mail address are also recommended.
List of Online Computer Software Programmer Courses and Training
Intro to Programming Course

This course offers a survey of various software development process, design methods, programming languages and techniques. Included is an overview of the terminology, historical context, strengths and weaknesses, methodologies and characteristics of major contemporary programming languages. Different software development methods, such as structure and object-oriented design, are also discussed.
C++ Programming Course

Students investigate the history and philosophy of the C++ programming language and its wide applicability, standards library, operators and processes. Different uses, from programming systems or application software to video games are considered. Also included is a survey of more advanced features like operator loading, preprocessing, lexical analysis, code generation and templates. To take part in this course, students must have access to a C++ compiler.
Software Engineering Course

Software design architecture, patterns and modules are covered in this course. Development processes, object-oriented capturing requirements, life cycle modeling and the application of formal specifications are also discussed. Included is an overview of software verification and testing practices as well as a survey of selected software engineering methods and tools.
Web Development Course

Web development terms, standards, history, layout, organization and distribution methods are introduced. Students learn how to use X/HTML and CSS coding to make simple pages with an authoring program. Accessibility and usability are also discussed, along with how to use a graphics editor to create images appropriate for Web use. To participate in this course, students need a Web authoring program and a graphics editor.


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